Are you ready? 

Counselor’s Checklist

Before My Campers Arrive . . . 

____ Am I dressed appropriately? Do I look like a camp leader? 

____ Is my cabin clean and neat? Does it look like a good place to live? Do all the beds have mattresses on them?

____ Do I know the names of each of the new campers? 

____ Have I a supply of stories and games to be used at appropriate times?

____ Do all the lights and utilities work such as hot water heater, toilets, and sink?

____ Are all the toilet papers in place, including tissues, soaps, etc.?

When My Campers Arrive . . . 

____ Am I wearing my name tag? 

____ Have I greeted each new camper with a smile and a hearty handshake? 

____ Have I greeted the parents and reassured them that their child is going to have a great camping experience? 

____ Have I introduced each of the new campers? 

____ Have I seen to it that each of the new campers has their complete luggage?

____ Have I checked to see if any camper has special needs or allergies to specific foods or items? 

____ Have I collected the medical prescription form from the campers if they have not already given it at the Welcome Center? 

____ Have I explained to the campers that if they are not feeling well to inform me immediately or go to the Welcome Center health office? 


After My Campers Arrive . . . 

____ Have I seen that each camper has located a bunk to their own satisfaction? 

____ Have I helped new campers get acquainted with the physical set-up of camp, pointing out the dining hall, prayer hall, sports fields, health office, pavilion and latrines? 

____ Have I talked with my campers about the upcoming events during their stay? 

____ Have I told them about the camp history, traditions, and customs? 

____ Have I discussed general camp policies regarding camp limits, safety and use of the waterfront (pool, lake, stream, etc.) in order to avoid any misunderstandings among campers? 

____ Have I made each camper feel welcome; that I am glad to see them; that he or she has status with me and in the cabin group? 

____ Have I asked my campers what they would like to accomplish during camp? Am I getting some ideas for future program activities? 

____ Have I been alert on this first day of camp to diagnose any causes of homesickness? 

____ Have I taken some concrete steps to prevent and/or remedy homesickness?