Rules and Expectations

The primary concern at Camp Taha is the well-being & safety of all participants.  We have established rules and expectations that must be followed by all. Please review these rules and expectations with your campers and discuss the consequences with them.

  1. Be polite, respectful and patient.
  2. Keep your cool and temper in check and do not use any foul language at any time.
  3. Dress and behave modestly within Islamic manners. (Sisters, Islamic dress is required in all mixed gathering areas).
  4. Maintain a modest and respectful interaction with the opposite sex and minimize it except when necessary.
  5. Attend all prayers, lectures and mandatory presentations in time with clean attire. (Brothers, no shorts during prayer – all should have long pants when praying).
  6. No diving or rough playing in the lake & pool.
  7. During lights out, keep a low volume and no talking.
  8. If you feel sick or extremely tired and cannot sleep, please inform your cabin counselor immediately.
  9. Do not go into any areas away from the camp grounds by yourself or with a group without prior consent by the administrator.
  10. Practice Islam the best you can and set a good example for others with kindness, respect, compassion, patience & forgiveness to your fellow campers and staff members.

Grounds for Expulsion

The following violations must be avoided by all campers or else it will lead to expulsion from the camp premises and the camper will lose the privilege of attending camp in the future.

  1. Possession of drugs, alcohol, or indecent material.
  2. Possession of any kind of weapon.
  3. Any fighting or even the threat to violence.
  4. Repeated misbehavior- such as cursing, disrespect, and indecency.
  5. Leaving the camp premises without permission from the administrators.
  6. Stealing anything that belongs to someone else.
  7. Destruction or vandalism of camp property or camper property.
  8. Management reserves the right to expel any camper (without a refund) for anyone who refuses to follow the rules and expectations of the camp.