First of all, please make sure you have filled out the transportation form by logging in here, clicking "Additional Options," and then clicking "Document Center." From here, you can select the transportation form.

When travelling by flight, please call Camp Taha for a final confirmation when you are at your departure airport. If travelling during the night, you can leave a voicemail. Camp can be reached at +1 (810) 545-8242. If you have a US phone number, please provide it during the call.

When you arrive at Detroit or Flint airport, please call us once more to let us know you have arrived. Your driver will call or text you when they are near the airport and will tell you where to meet them. In the unlikely event that you are unable to make contact with your driver, for example due to a broken phone, please wait at the arrivals curb so the driver can easily find you.

Please note that during trips to Detroit or Flint we are often picking up multiple campers on multiple flights and as such you may have to wait some while before your pickup. We appreciate your patience in this matter.