We encourage you to use your time at camp to develop independence and to enjoy your time without depending on technology. As such, WiFi is not available for camper use. You are, however, welcome to call your family once per day by coming to the Welcome Center and asking for the camp phone.

If the only way for you to contact your family is over the internet, for example if your family is located outside North America, please let us know and we will make the necessary arrangements for you to speak with them once per day.


Campers do not have WiFi access while at Camp as we encourage them to grow independent as well as enjoy their time without dependence on technology. As such, besides emergency situations, we recommend limited phone interaction with parents. Should you wish to get in contact with your child, you can call (+1 (810) 545-8242) or email the camp ( and we will ask your child to call you back when they get a moment. As campers are spread across the facility and may be at prayer, workshops, or activities, we ask for your patience as your child may take some time to call back.

Campers can also come to the Welcome Center to call their family once per day.

Cell Phone Reception

Cell phone reception is limited at the facility with most phone networks. Sprint and Verizon have some coverage; AT&T and Cricket have a little more. Due to their wooded nature, some areas of camp do not have reception on any network.