To set up a sponsorship, log in and click "Additional Options," followed by "Sponsorship Codes":

Click "Purchase a sponsorship code to distribute":

Enter the code you would like to use. This is the code you will share with those you wish to sponsor. Once you're done, click "Next":

Enter a date for the code to expire. After this date, campers will no longer be able to use the code. This can be useful if you want a deadline for registration, or a deadline by which you need to the charges to post to your account. If you're flexible, you can leave this to the last day before camp starts. Once you're done, click "Next."

On the next page, you can enter the total claim cap. This is the TOTAL amount you wish to sponsor, spread across anyone and everyone you want to sponsor.

On the next page, you can set the maximum value for one camper to redeem. This means that anyone you're sponsoring can claim the sponsorship up to the maximum listed on this page - any one claimant will not be able to exceed it. For example, if your total claim cap is $10,000 as above, and you insert an individual value of $1000 dollars, you can sponsor 10 people at $1000 each, or any number of people at values less than that. 

This number can also be a percentage of the total fee - if you enter 40%, for example, a camper with a $1000 fee will be given a 40% discount. The amount redeemed by the camper will be charged to your account and will be applied to the total claim cap. This will repeat for each person who uses your sponsorship code until the cap is reached. If you wish to set different amounts for different people, you'll have to make a separate sponsorship code for each instance.

On the next page, you can restrict how often it can be used. You can restrict it by account or by individuals. If you wish to vary this number, you'll have to make a separate code for each constance. In this case, we're only allowing each person to use the code once.

If everything on the confirmation page looks correct, you can click "Add to Cart" and continue checkout as usual. You can also create multiple codes using the same settings if you wish to do so.

That's it! Once you've made or scheduled payment, you can share the code with the people you wish to sponsor. For instructions on how to use the code, see this article.

Next up: how to see if your codes have been used (article forthcoming).