Sponsorships allow to you pay for some or all of another person's camp fees. This is most useful for groups such as mosques or schools who wish to subsidize attendance for their members or students. Individuals can also use sponsorships to pay for those they know may need financial in order to attend. 

Sponsorships are private and as such only the entity sponsoring and the entity being sponsored, as well as camp coordinators working on subsidies and registration, can see information regarding the arrangement. No one else will be able to view these details. 

The sponsorship system operates through a sponsoring code. The sponsoring party must first create an account on our registration portal and then set up a sponsorship code. During this process they can choose how many people to sponsor and for what amount, in dollars or percentages. They can then give these sponsorship codes to those they wish to sponsor.

Those being sponsored can log in and use the sponsorship code at checkout. The sponsor's account will then be billed the amount of the sponsorship.

More details on how to set up a code can be found here, and details on how to redeem one can be found here.