Dress Code

All participants are required to observe modesty while at camp. Sisters should cover themselves with loose clothing and dress appropriately in common areas. We recommend long clothing especially during prayers. Brothers must not wear sleeveless tank tops nor shorts in common areas; long trousers and shirts must be worn during prayer.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are allowed but cannot be used during lecture and prayer sessions.  Texting or using any social networking sites such as facebook or twitter and communication between brothers and sisters at camp is strictly prohibited. Anyone violating these rules will be sent home without a refund and at campers’ expense.

Gender Segregation

The girls’ village (Noor Village) is a completely secluded area with cabins, including their own swimming pool, tennis courts, basketball and other playing fields, allowing privacy to play sports without hijab. In areas where both genders get together such as dining and prayers, campers must dress modestly within Islamic prescriptions.