What are the prices for this year's camp?

Camp is priced on a per night basis. The first night costs $90 and the more nights you stay, the less the per-night cost. For the pricing schedule, please see our pricing page. Family cabins are charged in addition to camper fees; you must register as a 10& Older camper in order to book a family cabin. These are also charged per night.

Do you have any discounts for early payments?

Each year, we provide early bird discounts of 10% and 5% depending on how early you register. Keep an eye on our facebook page to see when these are announced.

Are there any group discounts available?

Our rates are subsidised and discounted at all times.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept check, cash, bank draft, money orders and all major credit cards.

I want to attend camp but I cannot afford it. Is there anything I can do?

Please submit an application for a subsidy. We will consider it based on your need and available funds. Our support is decided on a first come, first served basis and how much donations we receive. Orphans who are in need are always given first priority.

Is the amount paid refundable?

Yes, provided the cancellation occurs at least 30 days prior to the commencement of the camp. After that period, we cannot refund any registration or cabin fees except for a valid health reason from a licensed physician. All refunds will be prorated based on the remaining period of the camp. Refunds will be given in the currency that was used during registration. There are absolutely no refunds for early departures. 

Can I sponsor a child to attend the camp?

Any help is most appreciated especially since we are non-profit and all donations are tax-exempt. Our goal is to host as many campers as we can because every summer, our campers go home with a positive perspective on life and they take with them some of the tools needed to succeed and establish a caring and sharing community. You can sponsor a child by following the instructions here

Can I donate to the camp?

Tawheed Institute is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Your generous support will ensure its continued progress and success. We also have permission to collect khums and zakat for the project. You can donate here

Can I volunteer at the camp?

There are many opportunities for volunteer work at our camp. Please fill out the volunteer form by logging into the registration portal, clicking "Additional Options," and then clicking "Document Center." We will inform you if we need your service in any particular area. Your help during the camp is always appreciated.